Our Story.

Bonjour, Nice to meet you!

We're Sebastien and Guillaume, co-founders of rite.

The rite. idea

After we moved to Dubai in 2015, we both started to experience hair fall, sleep issues, and stress. We tried many supplements brands but none of them were clean, efficient, and enjoyable! That’s why we decided to start rite. Thanks to you, we have a team of passionate people working hard to deliver amazing products for thousands of happy “riters” !

The Problem.

For us, it started with a true personal need.

We all want to be healthy, now more than ever. And the way we consume is shifting. We are eating more and more plant-based products, looking for natural alternatives. We are becoming more health-conscious. But even with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, studies show that our body will never be at 100% of our capacities. That’s why one in two people in the Middle-East already take health supplements to cure recurring problems such as; lack of energy, poor sleep, weight control, hair loss, and stress. But let’s face it, we don’t really enjoy taking pills, tablets or powders.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to make pill-popping efficient, fun and delicious with gummy vitamins.

For more than a year, we worked hard in France and in the UAE with pharmacist, nutritionist, beauty experts to find the perfect balance between efficiency, quality and taste. Hard workers, busy parents, students, athletes, outdoor explorers, travelers, dieters... whoever you are, rite. is here to elevate your everyday.
rite. is your new healthy ritual, and we hope you will enjoy it!


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