A bit about us

We’re a team of people passionate about wellness & beauty based in the UAE, who believe that beauty and wellness start from within.

We think it should be easy, fun & delicious to take care of ourselves!

Why do we exist?

It started with a true personal need.

We all want to be healthy, now more than ever. The way we consume has drastically shifted over the years. We are eating more and more plant-based products, looking for natural alternatives. We are becoming more health-conscious.

Despite having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, studies show that our bodies will still never receive 100% of the nutrients they need.

That is why one in two people in the Middle-East turn to supplements to address recurring concerns such as lack of energy, poor sleep, weight fluctuation, hair loss, and stress. But let’s face it, we don’t really enjoy taking pills or tablets that don’t provide us efficient results!

The rite. gummies are 100% Vegan and incorporate vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids and crucial trace elements to combat common health issues. Because being healthy and beautiful should be a pleasure, not a pill!

Beauty & wellness made simple

Embarked with us on a mission to revolutionize your beauty and wellness routine. Our goal is to streamline the rituals of beauty enthusiasts, busy parents, hardworking professionals, students, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and travellers alike, making every day extraordinary.

Our team collaborated with top-tier dietitians, nutritionists, and beauty experts to craft the ideal fusion of efficiency, quality, and delectable taste in our vitamin gummies.

We offer a transformative experience - a new healthy ritual designed to elevate your everyday life. Join us on this journey towards simplified beauty and wellness, where clean, natural, and delicious intersect seamlessly. We hope you savor every moment!

Our story

Bonjour, nice to meet you!
We are Guillaume and Sebastien, the co-founders of rite.

After moving to Dubai in 2015, we both started to experience hair fall, sleep issues, and digestive problems. We tried various brands of supplements but none of them were clean, efficient, and enjoyable! That is when we decided to start rite. and develop vitamin gummies we enjoy and trust.

Thanks to all of you, we now have a team of passionate people working hard to deliver the most amazing products for thousands of our happy “riters”!