For Hair, Skin, and Nails

A blend of plants, vitamins & amino acids to promote healthier hair, skin & nails.


For hair, skin and nails


139.00 AED

GLOW 3-month

For hair, skin and nails

Get your free pocket mirror  

355.00 AED 417.00 AED

GLOW 6-month

For hair, skin and nails

Get your free Rose Quartz roller  

667.00 AED 834.00 AED


After 2 weeks only, I didn't tell anything to my hairdresser and she asked me what products I used to get longer hair. Even if I couldn't notice it right away, she could tell my hair was getting stronger. Amazing gummies, unique ingredients and so damn tasty! 


The ENERGY gummies give me the natural energy I need to keep up with my tasks. With the SLIM gummies, getting my daily dose of probiotics has never tasted better.
Plus they taste like gummy bears... and who doesn't like gummy bears ?


Exactly the kind of treat I need to boost my Energy before my workouts. And I love the taste so much, you get slightly addicted to it :)
Thanks rite!


Found that these gummies work very well in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.
Amazing taste and slightly addictive!


I have been using rite gummies for 3 months and it’s amazing how they have exceeded my expectations. Very tasty and impressed with the results on my energy level and digestion. Fav gummies of choice now !


I absolutely love my rite gummies ! They give me the boost of energy I need before my workouts and ensure my gut is as healthy as the rest of my body.


I like how the energy gummies help with my chronic fatigue and give me the energy to work long days. I even feel they help my skin improve. Well done team rite.


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