GLOW 3-month

For hair, skin and nails


Wherever life takes you, rite. has your back, with clean hair vitamins you can trust and incorporate into your everyday routine.

These vegan GLOW gummies are your best kept secret for longer, stronger, healthier hair, skin and nails.

Why choose rite. ?

Inspired by our needs we have created products that our families, friends, and everyone can use and trust.

Formulated by a French laboratory & pharmacist experts, we proudly craft functional, healthy and delicious gummy vitamins with strict specifications.

Our active ingredients

We are committed to being transparent about what's in our products, and we're proud of sourcing the best ingredients for your wellbeing.

Biotin (Vitamin B8)

Biotin is an essential vitamin that plays an important role in the health of hair, skin, and nails.


Selenium is a powerful mineral and antioxidant that is essential for the proper functioning of your body. It helps to maintain healthier hair, skin & nails.


Zinc is a nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body. It plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair. It’s also recommended against acne.

CoEnzyme Q10

CoQ10 is a compound that helps generate energy in your cells. It’s used for the skin and can reduce the damage from internal and external agents by increasing energy production in skin cells and promoting antioxidant protection.


L-Cystine is an amino acid that plays a key role in keeping the overall hair health. It directly helps in maintaining the texture and thickness of hair.

Vitamin B3

Also known as Niacin, it’s an essential vitamin that acts as an antioxidant and plays a role in cell signalling and DNA repair.

Rose petal

Rose petals is known for giving a natural boost to your health and beauty. Not only does it naturally scent products, it’s also antibacterial. This means it can get to work on inflamed or blemished skin, including acne, reducing redness and preventing more breakouts.


Horsetail is a popular fern that has been used as an herbal remedy for long. It is believed to have multiple medicinal properties and is mostly used to improve skin, hair, and nails.


What’s in it for me ?

What makes our Glow gummies so great? GLOW Gummies are made with a unique blend of beauty-centric vitamins,botanicals and amino acids to support thicker hair, stronger nails and a healthy skin.

  • Vitamins & plant extracts:
    Our hair, skin, nails gummies are only made with reliable active ingredients recognized for their benefits.
  • 100% Vegan:
    Made with fruit pectin, our hair, skin, nails vitamins are gelatin free and cruelty free.
  • Natural flavours & colours:
    From plants and fruits only.
  • Reduced in sugars:
    2 gummies is the equivalent to one apple quarter in sugar.
  • Transparent approach:
    Made in France by an expert laboratory, lab tested & approved by Dubai municipality.

Our ingredients
glucose syrup - sugar - gelling agent: pectin - natural raspberry flavour, acidifier: citric acid, black carrot concentrated juice, powder of rose petal (Rosa centifolia L.) - zinc citrate – L-cystine - coenzyme Q10 - nicotinamide (vitamin B3) - powder of horsetail aerial part (Equisetum arvense L.) - coating agent: carnauba wax, vegetable oils (contains coconut oil and rapeseed oils) and antioxydant : alpha-tocopherol biotin (vitamin B8) - sodium selenite.

See more about our ingredients.

How to use it?

Just take 2 GLOW Gummies each day at any time, as part of your daily wellness and beauty routine. We know they are so tasty but do not exceed 6 gummies per day.

Designed for all hair types: straight, frizzy or curly! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose for each benefit. Our gummies can be combined: you can take GLOW, ENERGY & SLIM gummies together.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please take gummies (dietary supplement) only as directed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rima Mohamed
Great taste and benefit

Great stuff for brighter skin and reduced hair loss. I started seeing a difference with my nails within 2 weeks .They’re stronger and look healthier and have certainly grown. But lately I’ve had lots of compliments on my hair - it’s super shiny and really soft. Can see they are definitely working & very good for a busy life. Chew and go. Just what I needed. Thank you rite

Agostina Gravino
Unbeatable gummies

I have no words to describe how amazing this gummies are! I’ve taking them every single day for two months so far and my skin looks absolutely radiant, my hair is shiny and growing non stop. In the past I did not trust until I tried My Rite! 100% natural ingredients!! Strongly recommend

Alicia Graham
Magical gummies

I honestly bought these for fun and didn’t expect any huge change…. But by the end of the 2nd month, my nails were so healthy and strong, postpartum hair loss slowed dramatically, my hair became super shiny, and my skin nice and bouncey! I moved to Australia and ran out of gummies 2 months ago…. I started taking another brand from the pharmacy here and they are nothing like Rite... My nails have all broken and are flaking again and my skin looks dull 💔 So happy to see that Rite is now doing international shipping! Order just placed for 6 month pack. Can’t wait for them to arrive, I need my glow back! I don’t know what ingredient in the Rite gummies makes them work so well but they are honestly MAGICAL. 🤣



Marille Novesteras
Glow Gummies

My main problem is my hair 'cause everyday a lot falls out, but when i try this Glow gummies after 3 weeks i noticed that my hair had grown stronger and even reduced it falls. So i recommend this especially those like me who have experienced same like mine.