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Tina Chagoury

Clinical Dietitian - Dubai


Tina Chagoury is a licensed clinical dietician, health behavior educator and a regular media expert guest practicing in Dubai for more than 17 years, she also runs online courses mainly in women’s hormones and nutrition, children nutrition and general weight management. Tina is an adjunct instructor of Human Nutrition and Food science at the Abu Dhabi University and currently consults at the Jumeirah al Qasr’s DNA Clinic as well as NMC’s Cooper health Clinic and works closely with renowned paediatricians and functional doctors.

Aside from being a health advocate and practitioner, Tina is a breast cancer survivor with life lessons from her experience she says: "put your health as a priority and don’t settle for being and feeling just ok: always strive for optimal health, strive to be and feel your best, eat clean food, respect your body and practice mindfulness to surmount whatever challenges life throws on you".

Favourite Gummies

Definitely, the BALANCE ones for their gut health and digestive support properties. I love the apple taste!

Her advice

Add goodness to anything you do. Sprinkle seeds on your salads, add music to your dinners, put candles in your house: sometimes the tiniest things bring the most happiness and contentment.


IG: @tinachagoury

Suman Jalaf

Brow & Lash specialist - Dubai


Suman Jalaf's journey began at an early age, when she first began to explore the fundamentals of what it takes to achieve true beauty without the use of excessive cosmetics, and instead returning to the core aesthetics of a natural look. With a background in make-up artistry, graphic design and fine art, Suman has used her exacting aesthetic eye coupled with her many years of threading and lash lifting to sculpt and maintain some of the most inspired brows, lashes and semi-permanent makeup around the world.

And it’s her natural bespoke technique which Suman is best known for. While every face is unique, and every skin type is different, Suman carefully considers and tailors each brow and lash treatment to suit the contours, personality, and preferences of every client. Unsurprisingly, Suman has amassed a loyal following including Royals from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, models Kate Moss and Poppy Delevigne, actresses Goldie Hawn and Emilia Fox, Bollywood stars Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, and top athletes, celebrities and influencers.

The award-winning ‘Best Brow Specialist in the UK’ travels around the world from Dubai to Geneva, Doha to Johannesburg, and from the Barbados to Monaco for pop-up residences at the Four Seasons, St Regis, RitzCarlton, Shangri-La and W Hotels to tend to the brows and lashes of her global clientele. When Suman is not travelling around the world she can be found, along with her expert team, at her BrowsBySuman Beauty Atelier in Chelsea, London and at her concession Hershesons UK on Oxford Street (London).

For more information, check out Suman’s recent features in: Emirates Woman, Vogue India, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Glamour Magazine (series), The Times Kuwait, British Muslim Magazine, This Morning (UK National TV), Elle India and Grazia India (series). A select list of older articles can be found on Suman’s Instagram and website.

Healthy Tips

I take my energy gummies when I wake up and always drink a pint of warm water if you can with lemon. I call my mum to say good morning and thank the universe for a new day :)

I do 10min of mindfulness medication from my iPhone app and then u grab a banana or protein boost so I’m set for 30/45min gym session before I head to work so it sets me for the day and of course that black coffee to feed my soul the fuel along with a light healthy breakfast hour later as I can’t eat first thing in the morning.

These are life changes and balances toy life as I want a healthy lifestyle and health comes first. I learnt this the hard way when I used to over work and burn myself out.

Favorite Gummies

When I met with Sebastien from rite; the first thing I have asked him “ do you have any gummies for hair, skin & nails?” He told me yes it’s coming ☺ So of course, my favourite is GLOW, very efficient, lovely rose taste and appealing! It’s working very well for my hair and it’s complimentary with my daily beauty routine.

Her Advice

Don't worry what other people think. Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.

Trust your instincts. What good is intuition if you let second-guessing drown it out? The worst enemy of success is self-doubt.

Learn something new every day. Have the mindset of a student. Never think you are too old to ask questions or know too much to learn something new.


IG: @BrowsBySuman

Grainne O’Rourke

Skin Expert - Dubai


Gráinne O’Rourke is a well-known Skin Expert in the Middle East who regularly graces the pages of Vogue, Emirates Woman and Mojeh magazine to name a few. Gráinne trained with skincare lines such as Danne Montague King, Image Skincare & Dr Murad. Gráinne’s journey into the world of skincare began 15 years ago when she suffered from Cystic Acne, which destroyed her confidence.

After experimenting with different options to clear her skin from the inside out, Gráinne’s passion for skin treatments and education inspired her to follow a career in skincare.

After years of working as a skin educator and trainer for world renowned medical – grade beauty clinic’s, the aesthetician joined Skin Laundry’s Middle East Flagship in Dubai.

Healthy Tips

Healthy glowing skin starts from the inside out. In this heat it is essential to drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer or mist spray.

It is so important to take daily supplements and vitamins, stay away from artificial colouring and excess sugar as this can cause breakouts and leave you feeling sluggish.

Favorite Gummies

I really like the Glow Gummies. I love when my skin looks great, and having a little extra help from the rite gummies help. I also love that it supports growth and strength of my hair & nails, 2 major benefits I'm looking for at the moment. And the taste is lovely, raspberry and rose mixed together, it works wonder!

Her Advice

Be good to your skin, you will wear it everyday for the rest of your life. I know all skin experts say the same thing, but prevention is the best protection against aging. Use SPF 35 every day!!! Do not forget your hat if you are going to be outside in direct sunlight especially in the Middle East.


IG: @skinlaundrymena

Fiona Francisca

Les mills Trainer - Dubai


I am a fitness enthusiast that has been in the industry for about 15 years teaching group exercise fitness. Started as a basketball player when I was 10 years old and ended up in fitness as a career. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently living in the UAE, Dubai is home now for 7 years.

I'm a Group Fitness Instructor, a Master Trainer and an International Presenter for Les Mills. Passionate about Fitness, health and mindfulness. I enjoy being active, being in the nature and living a healthy lifestyle. Looking good and feeling good is the goal.

Healthy Tips

Exercise to sweat every day. Eat food that nourishes your body, to fuel and not to feed your emotions. Get enough sleep and drink lots of water.

Favorite Gummies

My favourite rite gummies is energy. I do take them every morning before my workouts. It helps me to stay high on tasks during all day ☺

Her advice

Set up goals and give your best to achieve them. Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy every single moment


IG: @fionaliciouz

Allaoua Gaham

Yoga Instructor - Dubai


After a prestigious MBA’s and after over ten successful years in corporate finance and entrepreneurship, Allaoua decided to stop his blooming, but stressful career to dedicate himself to other’s personnel development and well-being.

As an experienced yogi and expert in anatomy, Allaoua explores all aspects of body bio-mechanics and metabolism to understand, develop and share every method and practices that empower human beings.

Certified ERYT500 from Zen Den Florida, he received his training from Ira Om, Sean Phelps, Jacob Maining and Jonah Kest.

Allaoua is certified senior instructor of Animal Flow and Systema, one of the few in the region, and have trained with Mike Fitch, Val Riazanov, Ido Portal and many other inspiring professionals, learning from them and growing through their experience and educations.

By specializing himself into the understanding of yoga mechanisms and the anatomical alignment of movement, Allaoua created and developed his own signature yoga styles. Allaoua is teaching to professional athletes (polo, tennis, crickets & football players) and high profile individuals such as Politicians, Royalties, Celebrities and Forbes listed Business personalities.

After teaching as lead instructor for Dubai's most valuable studios, such as Urban Yoga and Dryp, Allaoua is today the Director of Yoga La Vie Studio on the Palm Jumeirah.

Healthy Tips

Every morning I have 10 sets of Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar. It’s a set of asanas that massages, detoxifies and stimulates almost every organ of the human body. It has a lot of benefits to improve blood circulation and strengthens my body.

I also take a lot of supplements Vitamin D, B and plants to fight deficiencies.

Favorite Gummies

I love the energy gummies; I always need ENERGY with my daily intense lifestyle. I give a lot of classes and always be high on task. You can by the way find them in our yoga studio Yoga la Vie.

His Advice

Everything happens for a reason. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level. Never surrender!


IG: @allaouayoga

Chef Ben Tobitt

Awarded Cooking Chef - Dubai


Ben is co-founder and Managing Director of Ben’s Farmhouse Middle East. He is one of the master minds behind the unique healthy living concept standing behind this promise. From as young as 9 years, Ben was introduced to the kitchen by his father from the scratch. Ben went to Camden catering college in September 1997 where he received his NVQ 1 & 2 in catering & hospitality. Ben began his professional career as a chef in January 1999 at the London, Park Lane Hilton and spent a number of years at reputable establishments across London & South east England as well as a stint in U.S onboard cruise liners.

Having joined JRG Dubai in 2011 as Sous Chef at The Ivy, he stepped into the head chef role from 2012 - 2015. He then moved in to the companies group executive chef role in September 2016 after serving as group head chef since July 2015.

With two decades of first-class kitchen experience, his role with JRG Dubai saw the Briton assume overall responsibility for the Group’s entire kitchen portfolio across 15-plus fine dining venues.

Prior to joining JRG Dubai, He worked at some of London’s most prestigious restaurants, including Le Caprice, London, Brasserie Roux, The Thomas cubitt, London, Soho House’s Café Boehme, The Ivy, London, Wabi & Mirai, Dubai. He has also worked with a selection of the world’s most renowned culinary artisans, including Jacque Roulanski & the Michelin-starred Roux brothers, where Ben honed his flair for innovative gastronomical technique.

Healthy Tips

As a chef point of view ☺ Eggs for breakfast, slow down, take time to eat relaxed. Eating on the go is not recommended. Try to bake & roast food. Vegetables & fruits in daily diet. Cook more at home.

Favorite Gummies

Energy gummies for sure, as a chef coffee can become a big part of your day! I found that 2 Energy gummies per day gave me a much healthier lift, a much more natural boost than coffee.

His Advice

Believe that you can succeed, and you’ll find ways through different obstacles. If you don’t, you’ll just find excuses.


IG: @chefbentobitt


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