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5 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

When our lives are so busy and we struggle to juggle responsibilities, one of the worst consequences we have to deal with is stress. Stress about things we have to do, stress about not having enough time, stress about everything. And when we start to stress, it can be hard to stop our minds from going into overdrive. Not only does tension have adverse effects on our quality of life, but it can also negatively impact our health and relationships. So how do we break the cycle of stress? Here are five simple tips for relieving stress.


When we have a lot of tension and anxiety, adrenaline floods our system along with cortisol. One way to get rid of these stress substances is by exercise. While vigorous exercise is great for using up excess adrenaline (as well as turning off fight or flight responses), even something slower like yoga or a long walk can make us feel ten times better. Moving our bodies grounds us in the present and floods our system with endorphins that make us feel great! It also helps us to sleep better, something that also assists in stress reduction.

Sleep better

Sleep is important for a range of physical functions, but did you know that sleeping well also reduces stress and anxiety? When you don’t get enough sleep your body operates as though it is in survival mode, turning every situation into life or death. Sleeping poorly also negatively affects things like concentration, mood and problem-solving abilities, all things that help us keep our cool day to day.

Watch what you consume

Believe it or not, the food and drinks we consume have a big effect on the way we feel. While stimulants like coffee can increase anxiety, depressants like alcohol leave us feeling mentally worse in the comedown period. When we eat a lot of processed food or our gut biome is disrupted, our serotonin production is inhibited. We can counteract these problems by consuming unprocessed fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We can also consume food, drink and supplements that help keep us calm. Drinks like chamomile tea, foods with zinc and even leafy green vegetables have all been proven to lower stress levels.

Minimise stimulation

Stress predominantly occurs when our minds cannot stop thinking or receiving information. Some ways to minimise this influx of info are by controlling how much information and sensations you have access to at any one time. Putting away your phone when you’re doing other things, only looking at social media for short periods and managing noise levels are all ways you can minimise stimulation and relieve anxiety and stress. You can also dim the lights (especially at night), lower the volume of your TV or music, and take a warm (or cold if you’re up for it!) shower to reset when feeling overwhelmed.


Processing your thoughts, emotions and problems is one way to move on from the worries that are holding you down, helping to relax your mind. Some good examples include stream-of-consciousness journaling (writing down your thoughts as they occur), meditating and regular journaling. Often you will find when you are intentional with your thoughts you can move through healthily, reducing the stress often causes by overthinking.

When you’re stressed it can feel as though you’re stuck in a loop you can’t get out of, which can often make your mental health even worse. Luckily, there are some simple lifestyle changes you can make that can reduce stress levels dramatically like prioritising sleep, whole foods and exercise. If you have tried some or all of these tips and are looking for an extra stress reliever, supplements like Rite Calm Gummies are a great way to naturally encourage peace of mind and better sleep on those days when you’re under the pump. In such a busy and stressful world, you need all the help you can get to live the calm and happy life you deserve.