Who doesn't love skin and hair that's young, glowing, strong and healthy? With our food habits (it's okay you're not alone with all those food orders), super hectic lifestyles it's common to experience hair fall, skin pigmentation, weak nails. rite. cares about you. Not only are we passionately committed to bringing natural, rare botanicals into our vegan supplements but also work on nourishing your skin, hair and soul.

Here are easy food swaps and alternatives that your skin and hair will just love! Let’s combat hair fall and dull skin together by eating rite!

Sweets over berries!

Sweets contain sugar and very less nutrients making it a not so good option if you’re looking to control hair fall, get glowing and radiant skin. Sugar damages the collagen making it less elastic. High sugar releases AGEs (advanced glycation end products), which decrease your skin’s resistance to stress and disturbs hair and skin repair.

Berries  are also low in calories and contain antioxidants, vitamin C for radiant skin. Raspberries are also high in protein making them perfect for controlling hair fall and helping the body produce new hair follicles.

This is exactly why rite. Glow vegan gummies contain raspberries!

Greek/vegan yogurt, hummus over mayonnaise and sauces

Mayonnaise may be great on a good falafel sandwich but have you tried greek yoghurt?! It's just as creamy and filled with probiotics which are good bacteria that help improve gut health and do wonders for your body. Remember, when your gut isn’t happy, it shows up on your skin.

Mayonnaise contains low amounts of protein compared to yoghurt and high amounts of saturated fat, oils and salt which can dehydrate the skin making it look dull. Protein rich yoghurt (or hummus) can help with hair fall by helping the body produce new hair follicles and repair damaged ones.

Chicken and lean meat over processed meat

It's easy to toss a pepperoni on your hot pizza or sneak in some nuggets but processed meats contain high amounts of saturated fat ( fat that is harder to break down), salt and sulphites. High amounts of salt can dehydrate your skin and cause swelling.

Swap this for a classic grilled chicken (without skin) or lean meat which is weightloss friendly and proteins are the building blocks of great hair, skin and nails and also help repair damaged ones.  

Smoothies and fruit juice over soda

If you're looking for that 3 in one food swap that promotes great skin, weight loss and controls hair fall this is the one for you! Soda is loaded with sugar and carbon dioxide that does absolutely no good for your body and worsens acne.

Protein rich smoothies with nuts, plant milk and spinach are excellent for controlling hair fall as proteins help to build and repair damaged hair follicles.

Anemia can also cause hair fall, if that's the case a glass of mint lemon juice will be perfect.

Opt for a berry smoothie bowl or slushie that's loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, zinc for radiant skin. Antioxidants reduce and prevent damage while vitamin C helps to build collagen for that ever youthful skin.

Taking a supplement ? Read the ingredients, you may want to try Rite.  

Are you taking a supplement or pill for hair fall, weight loss, nutrient deficiencies or weak nails and skin? Pills are bitter and can have many side effects like constipation. Some herbal extracts and other products are so concentrated they can damage your liver and are filled with gelatine, additives, preservatives and colours that can do more harm to your organs than good.

This is why Rite is the first vegan, completely natural, free from artificial colors, additives, gelatin, low on calories and enriched with vital nutrients like vitamin C, B, minerals, probiotics and botanicals that is 100% safe.

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August 26, 2021